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Integrating All of The Aspects Of Who We Are

I think we’re all aware of the many voices we hear in our heads from time to time.  It might be the small childlike voice that is expressing anxiety over a situation or a teenage voice that doesn’t want to be controlled or an adult voice that is simply overwhelmed and worn out.

Integrating these different aspects of who we are can be an interesting dilemma. 

I was recently interviewed on the Synergy Connection Radio show where I was asked to talk about “Integrating All of Our Aspects”. 

We discuss how to manage this dilemma so that each aspect of our personality is heard.  It can be done with a guided meditation, journaling or simply allowing each voice to speak up and share their feelings about a situation while our heart listens.

It was a fun interview to be a part of & I would like to share it with you. 

Click here to enjoy the show.


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