With my extensive background both working in corporate America as well as coaching executives and teams, I provide following corporate services to help both C-suite executives as well as mid-level managers and teams deal with transition, unwanted behaviors and stress.

Business Coaching

Business Coaching

Entrepreneurs and corporate executives are many times very driven and make decisions from past habits and thought patterns that may not have served them well.   Moving ahead in business requires a clear mind that isn’t cluttered by these choices and decisions.  

trusted coach can help you move past these thought patterns and adopt new ones that will allow you to make better choices and decisions in order to move forward.  Coaching is also a good choice for formerly ambitious executives and business owners who are transitioning to retirement.

Corporate Stress Management

One-on-One Training

One-on-One Training

Patricia take clients through a 30-minute guided meditation to combat workplace stress.  Transition from home to work or work to home with new techniques to create a stress-free work/life balance.  Learn how to de-clutter your mind in order to avoid overload.  Create a clear, healthy mindset to optimize your potential.

Group Training

Group Training (10-75 people)

Stress is a pervasive problem in society today and stress and stress-related illnesses can impact an organization’s productivity and bottom-line.  In a group setting, Patricia uses a variety of interactive methods to help participants manage stress including:

  1. Guided Imagery
  2. Meditation
  3. Breathing Techniques

Executives in Transition (5-week course)

You’ve created your financial retirement plan and you’re ready to retire.  But are you REALLY ready? What does retirement actually look like for you?

In this 5-week course Patricia teaches executives transitioning into retirement key issues:

  1. Time to Adjust – (a.k.a. enjoying some downtime) – Putting self-care first.
  2. Grieving Your Career– Yes, it’s a “loss” and it’s necessary.
  3. Working Hard/Hardly Working– the true transition.
  4. What happened to Brand Recognition? – a.k.a. John Smith, CEO of ________ to John Smith, “regular guy”. (It’s actually liberating!)
  5. From Business Plan to Retirement Plan – Remembering and using the process of creating planning, goal setting for your retirement.
  6. Your New Psychological Profile – New Identity, relationships, purpose
  7. Previous Coping Skills/New Coping Skills– What works and what doesn’t.
  8. Friendships/Relationships – Where are they now? New friends, new adventures!
  9. Benefits of Exercise in Retirement—Staying fit to enjoy the fruits of your labor.
  10. Develop a New Mission Statement- What’s next? Retirement doesn’t have to mean you stop working.